We all need people to admire and be examples to us. We all have them. And they knowingly, or unknowingly, pave the way to success for us. We admire them because they possess amazing skills and soar at uncommon heights. We watch their ups and downs, left and right turns, as they are there as a guide of sorts for us to follow.

Be wary, however, of following too closely while driving too fast. They may be traveling in a hovercraft land-water vehicle, and are headed to the ocean, and your car can’t hover and you can’t swim. Therefore, let us follow slowly, and from a distance, so you can always see if the turns that lie ahead take you to your final destination, and not someone else’s. Some of the most difficult work in the world is to make sure you stay on your own path, and not yield to the temptation of following the path of another. 

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