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Episode #1

Book Review: The Way of The Superior Man

Jay and Ryan Fowler briefly review David Deida’s book, Way of the Superior Man.


Episode #2

A Black Experience & Cancel Culture

Jay & Patrick discuss U.S. race relations, George Floyd protest and cancel culture .


Episode #3

Gender Roles and Relationship Expectations

Jay, Patrick, and Salina discuss right and wrong expectations in relationships, and how gender roles factor into modern relationships.


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Episode #4

Jay and Keith talk with younger cousin Josh on being ambitious, overcoming obstacles and authenticity.

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Fatherhood Project

Part 1 - FatherHOOD

Everyone Parents When They Don't Know How

Jay discusses fatherhood with cousin and longtime friend Cory Holt & Lawrence Shivers. Cory is a former football player for Virginia Tech University & Founder of The Cory Holt Foundation. Lawrence is an entrepreneur and founder of apparel & digital screening company Y.A.M.S. (Your Art My Stuff).

Part 2 - FatherHOOD

What Would You Do Different As a Parent

Jay discusses fatherhood with his father and what he would do differently as a parent. 

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